Thursday, January 27, 2011

Body beautiful

Just when I start to feel really blech about my body -- when I look in the mirror and think, wow, have you got a long way to go, so long in fact that you should probably just buy a potato sack to keep you warm while you sit on the sofa gobbling all those cookies -- I trip upon something that puts things back into perspective.

Read this mommy's love letter to herself, and view the love letter from her husband that prompted it. I defy you not to see the beauty in these stretch marks, or to realize how amazing the human body really is.

Yes, I've got a long way to go. But this doughy middle has grown, birthed, and nurtured two humans. Two! Whole! People! The tiger stripes on my stomach remind me of the wonder of those pregnancy days, when every cell of my body rippled and stretched with new life. The scar above my pelvis recalls the pain and the sacrifice and the sleeplessness that I've survived. The slight sag of my breasts tells of the snuggly story of nursing a pudgy, lovely infant in the early morning, napping with him by my side in the later afternoon. The roundness of these hips yells "that's right, folks, I can do anything."

I promise to love my body and be kind to it -- to feed it a cookie when needed, take it for long walks in fresh air, let it rest whenever possible. After all, this body has given me precious, irreplaceable gifts.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

One hour to live

I, like many bloggers, set a New Year's goal for myself of posting more often. Well. Here it is January 25 and I'm posting for the first time. Safe to say this goal has gone the way of the "no more cookies" and "exercise once per day" goals.

I signed up a couple weeks ago for this post-a-day e-mail from Wordpress. These neat little e-mails with blog-post ideas come to my inbox each morning. And I read them, mull them over while I'm stirring my coffee or walking to a meeting or sitting in traffic on the highway, then I get home, chase a baby, argue about homework and piano practice, make dinner, gulp dinner down, bathe the stinky monkeys, get the kids into bed, collapse on the couch for a moment, then go to bed myself so I can get up and do it all again the next day... yet I neglect to write. Hmph.

Let's try to change this trend, shall we?

Last week one of the post-a-day questions was: If you knew you only had one hour left to live, how would you spend your time?

Easy. I'd curl up in bed with my sons and my husband and my cats, and we'd read picture books. The time we spend each day, right before sleepytime, snuggled down in my giant cushy bed with books and pillows and stuffed animals heaped around us is my favorite time every day. A time to slow down, share what we love, giggle, learn, cuddle. One hour of that would be plenty to see me off to heaven happily!