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"Radishes are my enemy!"

We started a new tradition this evening: Passing the radish! (Which is not nearly as dirty and inappropriate as it sounds.)

At dinner we passed around the gigantic radish we picked today, each of us taking a bite, because it's the first vegetable from our garden! Yay! We have veggies!

You see, it's pretty exciting to pick our first batch of big, red, crunchy radishes from our very own garden patch....

...grown from seeds that Happy plunked into the ground himself...

...the ground that my sister and her beau and I dug up and turned over and filled with compost and leaves and sweat and hope.

We planted an awful lot of seeds this spring, and so far the plants are not booming. In fact, it looks a bit pathetic. We have a few spinach plants, some kale that's filling in, and a handful of peewee broccoli plants. The tiny tomato seedlings didn't fare so well, neither did the beans or zucchini seeds, so I turned to plan B and planted seedlings from the local farm market this pas…