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Birthday party panic

There are three events that send me into a total where-is-my-mom-when-I-need-her panic:
1) Choosing new window treatments
2) Halloween
3) Birthdays

My mom was great at all of these things, mostly because of her creativity, fearlessness when it came to tackling all projects great and small, and her ability to fashion just about anything from a few pieces of scrap fabric and a sewing machine.

I, however, break into a cold sweat when confronted with any of these. Don't even get me started on curtains; I will cry, seriously. I've gotten through the Halloween thing recently because I realize that store-bought costumes are actually cheaper, easier, and often just as cute as homemade ones. This week, however, as Sweet Boy's 4th birthday looms on the near horizon, I'm sweating about how exactly to throw the Best Party Ever.

We're going once again with the Giant Family-Friend Barbecue Bash this weekend because, frankly, I lack creativity. If I was my mother, I would have thrown t…

Perfect summer evening

We chased fireflies tonight in the backyard. First time with Sweet Boy. It was amazing.
They sparkled in the trees behind our house, like Christmas lights.
He was in awe.
Stars blinked overhead. A cool breeze kissed our faces. The grass licked our bare toes. Peeper frogs serenaded us from the creek beyond.
We caught three fireflies for his little bug jar, put some grass in it. He just went to sleep watching them on his nightstand.
The world is so beautiful when I see it all for the first time again through his eyes.