Friday, July 10, 2009

Birthday party panic

There are three events that send me into a total where-is-my-mom-when-I-need-her panic:
1) Choosing new window treatments
2) Halloween
3) Birthdays

My mom was great at all of these things, mostly because of her creativity, fearlessness when it came to tackling all projects great and small, and her ability to fashion just about anything from a few pieces of scrap fabric and a sewing machine.

I, however, break into a cold sweat when confronted with any of these. Don't even get me started on curtains; I will cry, seriously. I've gotten through the Halloween thing recently because I realize that store-bought costumes are actually cheaper, easier, and often just as cute as homemade ones. This week, however, as Sweet Boy's 4th birthday looms on the near horizon, I'm sweating about how exactly to throw the Best Party Ever.

We're going once again with the Giant Family-Friend Barbecue Bash this weekend because, frankly, I lack creativity. If I was my mother, I would have thrown together a smashing birthday party for all 15 of Sweet Boy's classmates, complete with themed games, a craft activity, special prizes, and delicious food. But alas...the thought of entertaining 15 little kids AND their parents made my stomach churn.

So. Grilled hot dogs, chicken, and potato salad it is. I hope the sprinkler and water balloons I have planned for the little ones keeps them happy. It's no moonbounce in the driveway, of course, but it's something.


Jeve (aka John and Steve) said...

Happy birthday to your son!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Hayden!!!

Tori - I have done the HUGE B-day party with Tyler and his friends. NOT worth it!!! I did a knight/castle theme party complete with 3 foot coloring castle, a pirate theme party with a plank the kids could walk, etc. But honestly his last b-day party was the best - he only had 2 kids spend the night and we just went to the movie and they spent the rest of the evening playing video games. Tyler had a fantastic time and I was less stressed and saved TONS of money.

Tyler and i were looking at photos recently and he didn't even remember half the stuff we did at his parties until he saw the pictures.

Hayden will have a awesome time at his B-day BBQ so don't stress.


paddyandhenrysmom said...

I'm sure it was a great time! Sometimes simplest is best bc people can relax better and just let the fun roll as it will. Sorry we couldn't be there to celebrate Hayden's b'day with him!

Poor Henry, we just sang to him on his actual b'day and then got him cupcakes last night when we got home!