Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The sweet spot

Honey started his new job a couple weeks ago. As much as I like having a second paycheck in our bank account every month, I really love it that he's happy. And even more...I love it that he's happy and home with us in the evenings. We both have tiny little commutes now, so for the first time in our marriage, we all get home around the same time. Honey and I spend time together in the kitchen while one or both of us prepares dinner. He helps with the cleaning and shopping, and he's been much more active in getting the boys ready for bed in the evenings. You know why he does all this? Because he's relaxed. And because he knows that when he does more around the house, I'm relaxed. He loves me so much that sometimes it's hard for me to understand or even accept.  Even after all these years. 

Still can't believe we live here
It's difficult for me to relax completely, of course, even when things are going so well. Especially when things are going so well! I suppose this is why prayer and meditation is so important. I'm trying hard to be grateful, to live in the moment. To realize that we are truly in a sweet spot right now and I need to save as much as I can in my memory bank. It's wonderful, this life of ours. Sometimes I'm even a teeny bit embarrassed to tell people how happy we are at this moment. Such a Pollyanna! 

This funky little town, these jobs we love, this chance to reboot, these kids so full of energy and sparkle... I am so very blessed. Here and now. The sweet spot.