Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Snap, crackle, and pop

I did something new today: I went to a chiropractor appointment (just in time for National Chiropractic Month...who knew?)

Going to a chiropractor has always scared me -- you're gonna crack what? -- but I found it to be remarkably soothing while I was lying on the contortionist table-bed thingy, then totally exhilarating when I stood up and felt no more back pain. (Even more pain left my body when I learned that not only does my insurance cover this treatment, but it allows me 30 visits per year at only $20 a pop...literally.)

I don't think she did much of anything I haven't tried already, other than two bendy-twisty sideways stretches, so maybe it's all mental. But, today I've had more energy and enthusiasm than I have in weeks. I enjoyed playing with my son more than I have in a while, and I was able to do the daily tasks that have been so overwhelming lately. I even had a more productive work day! All this after just one visit... I now know why people say they can't live without their chiropractor. It's a whole new definition of "addicted to crack." I'll be going back for my second hit next Friday. ( gives some interesting tidbits on why chiropractic feels sooo good.)

Another benefit of visiting a back pain center is you get to look around and realize that your own life ain't so bad. What's a little lower lumbar discomfort, when you compare it to the old man who has such severe muscle spasms that he can't control his bowels, or the young woman on permanent disability because she can't move her neck from side to side? Seriously, what a wake-up call. My life is so good.

Anyway, as far as a diagnosis: The chiro lady tells me that my "hamstrings and my hip flexors are playing tug-of-war with my pelvis." Awesomely ironic, when you consider the theme of our household conversations lately has been "play nice," usually because the 2yo is banging his Matchbox cars off the cat's head or crashing his teddy bear into his TMX Elmo. Now I'll have to direct that same "play nice" vibe to my back and leg muscles, as well.

Time for stretching...

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