Friday, January 25, 2008

It's raining money!

Well, ok, not really raining money, per se. A girl can dream...

But evidently there will be some extra money sent my way in the coming weeks---some for freelance work (yippee!), some because of this save-the-economy rebate (OK, cool), and some because of a whopping big tax return (which I do get a bit jazzed about, but really, it's my money to begin it's kinda like wearing a pair of pants that hasn't fit in a while, then getting a compliment about your hot new pants).

Anyway, I'm not entirely sure how much any of these checks will really be for, and a portion of the money will have to go toward paying off my credit card debt (boo!), but for the fun of this posting, let's just say I'll have a thousand bucks to burn this spring.

Hmm...a thousand dollars, all to myself. I've been living a pretty frugal existance for some time now, so a thousand duckets in my bucket sounds like a fortune...and I'm finding myself daydreaming about all the fun I might have. Here's a little list of all the money-spending ideas I've come up with so far:
1) Go shopping with my sister-in-law and purchase something classy and extravagant: a Coach purse. Or maybe a Dooney & Bourke duffle. Or maybe some designer sunglasses. My very own. Nice.
2) Spend a few hours at a spa and have an hour-long massage, followed by a facial, pedicure, and manicure. Ahh...
3) Finally pick out paint, curtains, and a rug for our living room. Then hire a painter!
4) Replace the leaky skylights and unsealed window panes in our sunroom.
5) Give my husband a laptop so he can play Scrabulous with me while we sit in front of the boob pathetic, eh?
6) A $500 iTunes gift card and a $500 gift card for myself...whoa, what a lot of music and books!
7) Shopping spree at TallGirl Shop. And, shoes, shoes!
8) Plane tickets to visit my friends in faraway places.
9) Purchase the fancy Canon camera I've been coveting...oh, what photos I'd take!
10) Invest? Hmm...probably not wise in such a turbulent economy, but maybe fun.

The responsible side of me says, hey mama, stash it away in a high-yield CD for a rainy day (or larger calamity). Because, really, you never know what lies around the bend. But really, what fun is that? (And that would go against one of my New Year's goals about worrying about things that haven't happened.)

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