Thursday, July 31, 2008

Welcome to the adventure

It's recently occurred to me that I've spent too much time editing other people's words and not enough time writing my own. So, I've jumped on the blogwagon to get me back into the writing lifestyle -- and I present to you Tall Girl's Adventures in a Tiny World.

The idea
Even day-to-day life is an adventure for this very tall 30-something suburban working mama-wife-daughter-sister-friend. Here you'll find my musings (ramblings?) on current events, trends, entertainment, and social goings-on. Whew…how’s that for a broad canvas?

Basically, when it pops into my head, I’ll write about it. And I hope you’ll respond. I’m new to blogging, but I’m pretty sure the whole point is to have a truly interactive writing experience, so please interact! You can subscribe to the adventures, too, which will tell you whenever I've posted something new. (Oh, and read more about me, if you’re curious, by clicking the link to the bottom of the page.)

The title
I have been 6’2” since about age 13, and my height has presented me with, well, let’s say challenges – as well as some excellent opportunities. I have often been asked “How’s the air up there?” by shorter, less witty folks. And my answer always has been, “Much, much clearer.” I hope to share some of that clear air with you, dear reader.

The "tiny world" portion of the title reflects the tidbits I'm learning from the little boy who's shaping me each day (and by shaping, I don't mean the actual shape of my body, though I could blame some of that on him, too). In the three years that I've been a mom, my world has gotten much smaller -- in more ways than one -- and I'm a better person for it. Life is simpler and sweeter when seen through the eyes of a child, and I'll try to share some of that with you. (I’ll try to keep the potty training entries to a minimum, but I make no promises.)

And let’s face it, the world is tiny these days, is it not?

This is a work in progress, so please stick with me as I fine tune my purpose and content. And let me know if there's anything you'd be interested in reading about, or if there are ways I could make this blog more engaging, exciting, entertaining…purple.

I can't call myself a writer, after all, if I'm not actually here goes.

Happy reading!


PS -- I've shown you mine, now you show me yours – send me your URL so I can read up. Thanks!

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