Thursday, April 9, 2009

My crush has a new gig

Indulge me with some celebrity crush time now, won't you?

I'm not sure if it was his portrayal of the little asthmatic with the uncrushable Goonie spirit or the discovery that he and I share a birthday, but I've had a crush on Sean Astin since I was about 10 years old. My mother tried to quell my love by pointing out that even then, I already would have towered over him -- I believe he's a mere 5'5" tall -- but she was unsuccessful, and TigerBeat posters of my sweet Seany covered my bedroom walls.
Nearly 20 years later, when I saw his Samwise Gamgee carry bff Frodo up that lava-spewing Mordor mountain, I dabbed a tear from my eye -- as my husband chided me about my "little boyfriend." I admit, we'd make a pretty giggle-inducing couple, me and Mr. Astin, but still, he's on my List of Five (more on that another time).

Soooo...imagine my excitement that Sean Astin is now voicing a character on a new Playhouse Disney cartoon! This interview rekindled some crushy feelings, maybe because he's now a dad gushing about his own kids...or maybe because he mentions his own round, furry belly. (You know something about men with round, furry bellies just does it for me.)

Of course I have no idea yet whether "Special Agent Oso" is any good; I'm not crazy about Playhouse Disney's other offerings, so if it's anything like "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" or "Tigger & Pooh," it may make me want to scratch my own eyes out. But we'll take a look, just because it stars one of my alltime sweeties as leading panda.

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Robert's Mommy said...

Princess B is in LOVE with "Special Agent OSO" little did I know that familar voice was my biggest gradeschool crush as well! WOOHOO I tend to listen to is more then watch, but now I will listen much more closely! LOL