Wednesday, October 7, 2009

When expecting, expect the unexpected

There's a lot that goes on while one is expecting that is, in fact, unexpected. For instance, there are times you sneeze and come close to peeing your pants...hmm, unexpected. Or sometimes you step on the scale and find you've gained five pounds in a week, even though you've been nauseous and sleeping most of that time...also unexpected. Bad skin is unexpected, since everyone talks about glowing and whatnot. And widening feet is fairly odd and unexpected.

But my favorite unexpected moments come when you break the news that you're knocked up to friends, family, and colleagues. Here is just a sampling of my favorite reactions to the big news, collected from both my pregnancies:
  • Are you sure Chris is the father? (asked by one of my husband's female colleagues at a Christmas party...fabulous)
  • Will you breastfeed? (asked by a male coworker during my first pregnancy, while standing with a group of people at a lunch function)
  • Why?
  • Oh, thank God, I was afraid you'd never give that poor kid a sibling.
  • It better be a girl this time!
And my #1 most unexpected reaction -- from my dad, of all people:
  • Again?!
Today, however, I received a really nice unexpected reaction when I told one of my colleagues: His eyes teared up, and he said with a big grin, "Family is #1, Tor. You've got it right, and this news really makes me happy." Good words, unexpected moment.

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Ro said...

You forgot mine: "Ha! I KNEW it!" Can't keep a secret from me.

However, the last from a colleague is definitely beautiful. And true. and supercool, since he's a dude.

Wee, babies!