Monday, February 22, 2010

Counting down to baby

I realized the other day that most of my writings over the last few months have focused on the negative. Gross! I suppose writing is my outlet, the place I barf up all the things that weigh me down. But I don't want to be Negative Nelly or Debbie Downer anymore. So let's talk about something really fantastic and amazing and wonderful and happy that's about to happen in my life:


In just over two weeks, I'll be checking into the hospital for my second c-section. While I'm not thrilled about the idea of another surgical delivery (ouch!) and recovery (long, extended ouch!) I have started to feel giddy at the thought of holding a small, warm, cuddly little person in my arms. After discussing an alternative pain medication with my doc, I'm even starting to look forward to a few days in the hospital. Crazy? Maybe...but when was the last time you had a few days to just lie in bed with complete control over the TV remote and let people bring you food and pain medicine? And for the first day or so, I won't even have to get out of bed to pee! Don't even get me started on that oxygen tube in my nose -- my absolutely favorite part of my first hospital experience delivering Sweet Boy.

We made a final trip to Target this weekend to stock up on supplies -- diapers, wipes, booties, hats, breastfeeding stuff, baby shampoo -- yet I have a lot more to do to get ready both at work and home. I grabbed a breastfeeding book at the library to refresh my memory. We're still trying to decide between disposable diapers and all-in-one cloth dipes; we still have to launder the car seat and swing covers, get the car seat in the car, organize the nursery closet, and get a few things out of the attic. My head is reeling from all the to-dos I was hit with at work today. I feel a bit like I'm cramming for a final exam.

But as I lay in bed during nightly snuggle time with Sweet Boy tonight, I tried to remember back to those early days with him. That was so long ago, and he's so far from being an infant these days. He's so excited for baby, and I can't wait to share this magic with him. In addition, when Sweet Boy was an infant, Chris was working such long hours that he really wasn't present for the day-to-day baby stuff -- and when he got home each day, he was so tired from a 12-hour day and an hour commute that he still wasn't truly present for it. This time around, he will be. I can't wait to share it with him, too.

I'm excited. And happy. And blessed.

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J Bauman said...

Don't complain about your other posts. Although you may think them negative, they allow some of us to realize that we (mothers) are all going through some of the same things. Just today I was thinking about how I barely remember my boys as babies. It made me sad. It goes so fast. I'm so excited you're going to have a new bundle of joy in only a few weeks! Yeah!