Saturday, December 11, 2010

Ho Ho Photo

This week was hectic. To say the least. New job for mommy, new daycare schedule for Baby Zen. Furnace breakdown and restart (with smoky, scary moments!), Big Daddy working three "late night" shifts (which is really only until 8 pm, but that might as well be midnight to a 5-year-old), and the topper -- Sweet Boy puked all over himself, his lunch, and his buddy in school Friday.

But somehow in between all the zoom-around, I managed to collect our little angels in front of the tree for the annual Christmas card photo. Here's how it went down:

First, Sweet Boy posed so I could get the light and angle and position in front of the tree. Just right. Aw, darling little elf, you know the drill.

Then we add Baby Zen to the mix. He is obviously a newbie...

Here we see big brother holding on to little brother for dear life, knowing that there may be some demerits from the naughty/nice list if the baby plonks to the floor.

Now big brother is starting to really stress out about this gig. And, well, it's pretty obvious how baby brother feels about it.

This is right about the moment I started to whine and beg, too. Please, boys, we just need ONE PHOTO for the relatives! So they know how adorable and loving and well behaved you are! And how completely together your mom is!

OK, that's not bad. Even though Zen looks completely shocked (and mildly pissed off). It'll do.

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