Thursday, September 20, 2007

Splendid suns

i have to tell you about the book i'm reading, a thousand splendid suns, by khaled hosseini. it's amazing. has completely opened my eyes to what's been happening in afghanistan over the last 30 years.

i am feeling totally humbled, blessed, fortunate to have been born in this country -- for no other reason than dumb luck. and i am wondering if i would have the strength to endure what the women in that country have endured and endure every single moment of their lives.

i feel small and insignificant and spoiled rotten. i feel embarrassed by my tendency to dwell on petty inconveniences such as tight budgeting and out-of-style blouses.

and i feel really angry with myself for being so ignorant and naive about what has been happening in afghanistan while the world didn't really notice, and that i've been so trusting that just by watching the news every day, i'm in the know. (truth is, what appears on the news has already been happening for far too long to even be considered news anymore.)

read it. you'll be changed.

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