Thursday, September 13, 2007

Top 10 Reasons I Adore My Husband

10. He calls to ask if he should pick anything up at the store on his way home.
9. He rubs my feet or shoulders, if I ask nicely.

8. He does all the laundry -- including folding and ironing.
7. He makes me laugh without really trying.
6. He buys me little presents for no reason at all, except to let me know he was thinking of me.
5. He plays cars or reads books with Sweet Boy whenever possible. And he lives for tickle-time.
4. He encourages my girls' nites out, and makes extra effort to get home early to be with the boy while Mommy gets ready.
3. He has a gift for settling Sweet Boy down to sleep at night, and even more importantly, he can quietly get Sweet Boy to go back to sleep on a Saturday morning (like pushing the snooze button on the toddler).
2. He reminds me not to worry about things I can't control.
1. When he kisses me, I know he means it.

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Robyn said...


I love him, too. A lot.