Monday, October 6, 2008

Bad dream

I dreamed last night that I was in a car, driving all over the Southland with two of my college friends. We had been vacationing and were trying to get back home, but instead of heading north, we kept getting further and further south and west, into swampy marshy places. At one point we were looking at a map and noticed there were huge lakes and wide rivers that we needed to cross, but we couldn't determine which road to follow. We stopped for gas, but when I put my debit card into the gas pump, my card was denied. My friends were crying because we had no gas and no money and no idea how to get home. I called the bank discovered there was only $1 in the account because my husband, who was also on a separate vacation, had spent the last $200 on his own gasoline. I was frantic and angry, yelling at the banker about how my husband had spent all our money and I was out of gas and how was I going to get home now? My friends and I decided to stay in an abandoned house (which looked like the house from the Munsters, veiled with Spanish moss). We opened the front door and decided to sleep on the living room floor, settled down on our jackets as pillows, then discovered that the room was full of alligators and snakes. No one panicked, though, and none of us ran away...we just laid there repeating, "Go away. We have no money. We have no gas. We just want to sleep."

When I woke up, the radio was blasting the AM news station, a story about the markets in Asia and Europe crashing. Nothing like waking up to some doom and gloom news of the world falling apart. I have felt unsettled all morning.

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TallGirl said...

Just did a little Google of "alligator dream symbolism" -- check it out:

Interesting peek into my psyche...