Thursday, October 9, 2008

Start spreading the news...I'm leaving today...

Well, no, I'm not really leaving, and not really today...but I want to wake up in a city that never sleeps.

Big Daddy's birthday is coming up in about a month, and I'd like to take him away for a weekend. (Can you believe we've not been away together, as a couple sans child, for more than a few hours in over 3 years?!) I asked him where he wants to go -- didn't give him any of my own ideas because I want him to pick a special place for him -- and he replied "Let's go to New York. For a full weekend. Just us. We always talk about it, but we never do it."

Woo-hoo! This is a fabulous idea, sweet cheeks! And I realized this morning that it was 10 years ago in November that Big Daddy proposed to me -- in a beautiful restaurant overlooking Times Square. So it's not only going to be a birthday celebration, but an Us celebration as well.

But now comes the hard part...planning and execution of the romantic getaway weekend...

Here's what I'm thinking: Go up to brother's North Jersey home Friday (must talk to brother about this first, of course) and spend the night. Leave Sweet Boy (and our car) with brother and SIL early Saturday morning, take the train into the Big City, and spend a fabulous day exploring and holding hands, sleep in a lovely hotel, wake up and do some more Big City things, then hop back over the river to pick up the boy and head home Sunday evening.

I'm willing to splurge on the hotel, since it's just one night (and since you really have to splurge on any hotel in NYC), but because we're ever budget conscious, I need to find some fun-yet-inexpensive things to do for a couple days. Big Daddy is really not into theater (unless we find some quirky off-broadway thing...he'd probably like that), so we'll probably do mostly wandering, window shopping, and eating. We'd probably both enjoy ice skating in Rockefeller Center, and we haven't gone to Ground Zero yet, so even though that's not terribly romantic, it might be one of our stops. I love MoMA and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, but if we only have a day or so, I'm not sure we'll spend too much time in museums (unless the weather's bad, of course).

Of course I'm going to spend some time online researching our options this weekend, but here's where you come in, dear reader: Do you have any suggestions for inexpensive, fun, romantic things we could do or sites we could visit? Any restaurants you'd recommend for a nice dinner on Saturday? Any hotels you could recommend that won't completely break the bank?


Anonymous said...

Hey Tori - Go to Ground Zero, for sure, it's a must. Also, go see the Today Show being taped! It's really fun! I got my picture taken with Lester Holt a couple of years ago....that doesn't cost anything! Good luck!

Beth :) (your lovely,talented co-worker)

Tri-Bballin said...

Tori - You blog is way cool. I love that you call it Tall Girl since that is something you have always said since HS!!! I have a blog too although not nearly as fun as yours! Hope you are doing well. And yes NY is way fun!!!!