Thursday, March 12, 2009

Musa's good news

I got a call earlier today that brought me to tears. Great big happy tears of relief and gratitude.

Musa's second and final surgery took place today, a day ahead of schedule, because lab results from earlier this week determined that he was ready to go -- in fact, healthier than the doctors first realized. They don't even think his initial diagnosis of Hirschprung's Disease was correct. So, at 4pm today, Ghana time, he entered the operating room, and four hours later, his colon had been resectioned and the stoma removed. He will not need the colostomy bags anymore.

What good, good news.

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Sara said...

I'm all weepy and stuff. What awesome news! I will be praying that the rest of his recovery is as rapid as his first round was so he can go home and begin the rest of his normal, colostomy-free life!

God is good!