Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sleep is good for me

So you may have noticed that I'm not blogging as often. I've been trying to get more sleep, you see, which means going to bed earlier, which means logging off earlier...or most nights, not even logging on. Why more sleep, you ask? The answer will make you laugh: I'm sleeping more to help my weight loss efforts. And even more laughable: I started after reading an article in Glamour magazine.

I know. Glamour is not exactly known for it's research-based, science-backed writing. (And I'm a tiny bit embarrassed to even let on that I read it every month.) But what I read in this article makes sense. Sleep deprivation affects the hormones that control your appetite, and when you're tired you tend to crave fast-burning food (a.k.a. high sugar). On top of it, your body is programmed to reset while you sleep, so your metabolism needs that down time.

Results? In our house, since mid-January, low-carb/low-fat has been the name of the game. Big Daddy (who I should now call Dropping-Weight-By-The-Minute Daddy) has lost 50 pounds since January 1; I have lost 10. I realize 10 pounds is not too shabby, and I don't have as much to lose as he does so it'll come off slower, yada yada yada. But it's been frustrating. Consider this, though: From January 15 through February 20, I lost a total of 4 pounds. Major frustration! Major hunger! However, the rest has come off since I started sleeping 7-8 hours a night two weeks ago. So. Something's working.

Oh, there's the added benefit, too, of being able to actually get out of bed when the alarm goes off in the morning without major agony.

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Jennifer Bauman said...

Congrats on your 10lb weightloss! And on getting sleep! Bravo!