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Dance your ass off!

Right now I am running on about 2 hours of sleep. I have not done this in a long, long time. I think I might still be a little bit drunk, too, 20 hours later. That hasn't happened since, oh, 1997. My ears are still ringing, and my knees are still throbbing. But last night was one of the most fun of my life.

I've done the bachelorette party thing before, but never with my 20-year best friends. We were not only celebrating the end of our friend's single-hood, we were celebrating just being together for a night, with no other responsibilities or cares. It was fabulous.

We started the evening with some sushi and wine, then hit the local pub for a shot, then on to meet the rest of the girls for the dance party. We drank and we danced and we laughed and we drank -- I lost count of my consumption around seven Long Island iced teas -- and we danced and we danced and we danced.

The night wrapped up around 2:30am with the DJ playing a 20-minute block of 80s dance stuff -- Prince! Sheila E! Madonna! Rob Base! New Kids! -- and the five of us who remained just took over the dance floor. It was like junior high plus booze minus the self-consciousness. There is nothing like drunken dancing without reserve, when you don't care about who is watching and you feel like you are a mother-effing rock star. Especially when you are dancing with your sister-friends. (And seriously, at one point I was dancing out my lifelong fantasy of being one of the members of The Revolution.)

I ended up in my Bubba's bed (with the 100-lb. chocolate lab between us), girl-talking until 5am. Then I had to get up at 7am to drive back to Delaware so I could teach Sunday school. I know what you're thinking -- how appropriate and truly Tall Girl style to teach Kindergartners about Jesus after a night of total debauchery: "Well, kids, I believe that our Lord is a fun-loving, forgiving Lord. He doesn't mind when I smell like this. He also adores dancing to old skool rap from time to time."

The real kick of the entire weekend, though, was when I got to church, I kept myself awake through the worship service, then headed to the Sunday school classroom --where I discovered that I'm scheduled to teach NEXT Sunday. Excellent. I could have snuggled with Bubba and the dog at least another 3 hours.


  1. LOL! I do like the image of you rocking out to New Kids on the Block.

    Bet you were feeling a little pain this afternoon, huh? Sounds like it was worth it. Rock on baby, rock on.


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