Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hooray for giant babies

Just read that Minnie Driver gave birth to a whopping 9lb-12oz baby boy (and she gave him a pretty normal name, as far as celebrity baby names go, Henry Story Driver).

Rock on, tall girl! I knew I liked you, Minnie, and now you may join my giant-baby club.

Even better, the pregnancy was unplanned, she's not revealing the baby-daddy, and she's not planning on getting married. Eat your heart out, Sarah Palin!

(Oh, wait...Minnie Driver's not American. So Sarah probably doesn't object. Well, I'm sure she objects to Minnie's not being American...but you know what I mean.)

UPDATE -- October 7, 2008
Another reason Minnie Driver's at the top of my Cool Moms List -- she posted her first baby photos on MySpace instead of selling them to a tabloid go, tall girl!

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Sara said...

I am worried that by the time our son Henry reaches high school he will be 1 of 14 Henrys in his class. Like I was 1 of 5 Sara/Sarahs in a choir of only 40 people when I was in college. And we thought we were giving him a fairly uncommon name. How things change!

I love the giant-baby club! Though my uterus and various other parts are OK with our boys not having made it into the club themselves. ;) Kudos to you, giant-baby mommies!