Monday, September 29, 2008

What next?

OK, folks. This is where I draw the line. First there was tainted pet food, then lead-painted toys. More recently and more upsetting was the melamine-enhanced baby formula. But now chocolate? Oh, I think not! I will not stand for that.

This article states that no U.S.-sold chocolate products have been affected. But this is small consolation. Cadbury, Kraft Foods, and Mars have been recalled in Indonesia, and the companies are performing their own tests of chocolate products made in China.

I've been wondering since the baby-food horror if there's any way to tell where the ingredients originate in the food we buy at the grocery market. At this point, I for one would rather not put anything into my body -- or into my child's body -- that comes from China. I suppose the only real way to know is to eat only locally grown, organic food. Or grow your own ingredients. But is that entirely realistic?

As if we don't have enough to worry about, what with the financial world collapsing etc. -- now we can't even rely on chocolate? I was planning, frankly, on assuaging my anxieties by eating lots and lots of chocolate. So now what?

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