Wednesday, September 3, 2008

First day of preschool

As I packed Sweet Boy off for his first day of preschool this morning, I wrote a quick note to his new teachers about some of the potty stuff we've been working on. Mostly the fact that Sweet Boy has been seriously opposed to sitting on the potty at all with us. And I didn't want them to be shocked, for instance, when he walked up to them and said "I pooped. Change my diaper" because we have trained him to say this so he doesn't either (a) have a horrendous diaper rash from sitting in his own poo for hours, or (b) try to change his own mess, thus creating a god-awful nightmarish poop fiasco.

When I picked him up this afternoon, a small folded-over paper greeted me from his cubby. At first I was alarmed, because usually a note home means my child has bonked another child in the eye with a toy car. But not this time. Instead, this one made me smile:
Hi Mr. and Mrs. B.,
Thanks for your note. He had a pretty good day and used the potty for us several times, so were were pleased with that. He seemed to be enjoying himself in the new room, and I think he tried every toy on every shelf---he was like a kid in a candy store! He took a good nap, but we had to move his mat a few times (he was a little chatty).

This note will be carefully taped into Sweet Boy's baby book. Maybe I'm reading more into this than I should, but in just a couple lines, she captured the things that make my kid so great.

Oh, and tonight he put on a little sing-and-dance show for my camcorder. It was fabulously entertaining. Now if someone could just help me figure out how to get the images off the camcorder tape...


Christy said...
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TallGirl said...

you know what's funny, the more i think about this note, the more i should read between the probably means "he dumped all the toys all over the floor and wouldn't share, and he was really disruptive during naptime."

i love my rose-colored glasses.