Sunday, August 10, 2008

Acadia bound

We drove for about 8 hours from New Bedford to Bar Harbor, Maine, yesterday -- me, Big Daddy, Sweet Boy, and Voo...and all our luggage, swimsuits, groceries, DVD player, Playstation, laptop, toys, jogging stroller, chairs, tennis rackets, and hiking shoes. (I swear that car-top carrier that I bought off Craigslist is the best $25 I ever spent!) By the time we arrived, I think we were all done with togetherness for a while...but we rallied long enough to eat at Pancho Villa's down in town. I have been dreaming of their tableside guacamole since last summer.

We're here in Maine, in a rented house outside Acadia National Park, for a week. I'm hopping online now to do some research to find things to do that we've never done before...which will be hard to do because I've been coming here every few years with my family since before I could speak. This is the first time I'll be here with a 3yo boy, though, so I hope to find some new adventures to share with him.

Since we left home on Friday, we've been telling Sweet Boy that we're on vacation. He doesn't get it. Keeps asking "when are we getting to Bakation?" I'm pretty sure he thinks vacation is really all about sitting in the car all day, watching as many Disney DVDs in succession as possible. Driving back from the restaurant last night, when telling him we were going to our vacation house, he was like "no! I don't want to go on Bakation again!"

Please say some prayers for decent weather. The forecast is for off-and-on showers all week, with highs in the mid-70s during the day and 50s at night. The temperature is perfect. If it rains in the afternoons, that will be fine because it will give us all a good reason to go back to the house to nap and relax. But all-day rain would be sucktastic.

My big goal for this week is to relax at least one hour per day -- I mean, full-on relaxing, which requires sitting with feet up and not hearing any little kids asking for more juice, fruities, toys, etc. I wonder if it can be done. I did find a day spa in town last night...hmm... My husband has already threatened to toss the computer. So I'm not sure how often I'll be blogging the adventure.

And a second goal is to eat as many blueberries or blueberry products as possible, which means at least one blueberry item every day. I have good memories of picking wild blueberries on top of Cadillac Mountain and around the park with my mom, brother, and sister years and years ago, so I'll have to take Sweet Boy on a blueberry hunt to carry on the tradition.

Oh, our first stop this morning, before hitting the Acadia visitor's center, is to head back outside town to the Wallmart so Voo can buy some undies. Hee. He had to run a load of laundry last night because he forgot to pack them.

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