Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Bar Harbor rain-tacular

I woke up this morning to the most rain falling from the sky as I've ever seen. And it's cold. Not exactly January-cold, but certainly not August-warm. Probably won't get out of the 60s today, and the rain is supposed to continue on. And on. And on. Which is harrowing to this mommy of an active 3-year-old...what the heck are we going to do today?

Yesterday was a good day, all in all, though we really didn't do very much. And it's looking like we won't be doing much today, either. But then I ask myself, why do you have to do stuff constantly when on vacation? Ah. You see. This is the conundrum of this entire week. I'm vacationing with my father, who cannot sit still, ever. (My dad wants also to re-create good memories...I'll get to that another time.) And my husband, who really only wants to sit still, always. Throw in a child who needs constant stimulation, yet still naps in the afternoon, and you've got yourself one crazy vacation stew. To me the perfect vacation mixes activity with rest, and this place offers opportunities for both, so I'm trying. Hard. To balance all these people with all these ideas of vacationing.

Right now we're watching Sesame Street. I've been up with Sweet Boy since 7:30, while everyone else slept. No problem, really, but even with three separate bathrooms in this house, you can only really take one shower at a time, then wait about 10 minutes for the hot water tank to refill. So it takes FOREVER to get everyone up and ready and out of the house. Voo wants to take us all for blueberry pancakes this morning, but it's starting to look more like a blueberry pancake lunch than breakfast. And the people who are ready are restless and grouchy, waiting for the others. Not to mention I'm trying to keep the kiddo busy. By the time we eat breakfast, we'll have to come back and take a nap. Super.

Tomorrow we will NOT wait for everyone before leaving the house. This is ridiculous. And not in a fun way.

Maybe we can hit the Oceanarium after pancakes and let Sweet Boy pet some lobsters before returning for naps. That would at least be one fun memory for him.

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Meg said...

Well, good. All those pretty pictures, interesting places, and fun adventures were starting to make me hate you. But now I see that the balance has been restored. ;)