Thursday, August 21, 2008

PS on the energy crisis

I hate to complain about money and bills, and some of you, dear friends, bear the brunt of my whining. I love you for being patient and kind. And I'm sorry that I talk of bills and budgets all the time. How boring!

So next time I'm writing out giant checks, I'm going to try to remember this quote that I read somewhere a couple years ago (when we moved into this house and I realized that in order to pay the mortgage AND the daycare bill, we were going to have to make many sacrifices):

If money is your only problem, then it's not a problem at all -- merely an inconvenience.

I'm not sure who said it, but it's definitely true. My family is healthy, we have many blessings, and really, I have no problems, just inconveniences. And wouldn't life be boring without such matters?

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Sara said...

I'm reciting that mantra over and over to burn it into my brain. I usually only think about how little money actually means when talking to someone about how we banked Henry's cord blood "just in case..." even though it was an expensive we could ill bear in the financial sense. Lord knows I'd endure endless bankruptcies to keep my kids alive and well. Money is just money.