Friday, August 1, 2008

Don't take my sunshine

I cried this morning when I dropped off Sweet Boy at preschool. I've only really broken down once before, even though he has cried pretty much every day that I've ever left him at daycare in his entire life, and it hurts me every freaking time. Usually I can shrug it off once I'm back in the car sipping my coffee, because I tell myself he's already stopped crying and is now happily immersed in silly play. Whether it's true or not, who knows?

He's verbal now, so the crying is often accompanied by streaming entreaties intense love, longing, and despair. Today he got me with this, complete with gigantic crocodile-tear sobs:

"Mommmeeeee...don't go! No, Mommy! I love you so much! When you go, I miss you! Please don't go, mommmeeee...I love you! Please don't take my sunshine away!"

How do these little brains learn so quickly just exactly what's going to break you?

I'm now tearing up again, so I'm gonna go grab a hanky.

when the swimsuit that your ordered from Lands End a year ago starts to disintegrate (because of the massive amounts of chlorine in the YMCA pool), you can just call 'em up and they'll refund your money or apply it to the purchase of a new suit. You can then just return the old suit in the mail or take it to your local Sears. How awesome is that?!

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Sara said...

Wow, that's a lot tougher to handle than just the tears and/or clinginess during dropoff. Padraic also hates to be dropped off, and every single day I hope it will be different, but it rarely is. It makes me really worried about kindergarten, which is still two years away! (Only two years?)

Anyway, I wish I had awesome advice, but I'm just rowing along in the same boat as you. You know, the one that keeps taking on just enough water to make you have to continually bail it out so it doesn't complete sink?