Thursday, August 14, 2008

Mommy and Sweet Boy's day of fun!

Of course the morning that I had the most fun this whole week, I didn't take my camera. But it's ok! Because I stopped often and said "Self, remember this moment and lock it away."

Sweet Boy and I got up early this morning and headed down to Bar Harbor, just the two of us and the jogging stroller and our raincoats, to walk on Shore Path. The fog was so thick that not only could you not see more than, oh, 30 feet ahead of you, but the air was actually wet. Serious downeast Maine weather. I love it.

Shore Path is exactly that: A mile-long path that ambles from the pier in Bar Harbor all along the shoreline. You pass the Bar Harbor Inn, which is a place I will stay someday after I write my bestselling novel and have lots and lots of money, and you walk by some amazing waterfront mansions. (This is a place with serious old money. The Rockefellers actually funded most if not all of Acadia's infrastructure before it was a National Park.) The best part of this trail is not the crashing surf right at your feet or the amazing vistas (on a non-foggy morning) but the lack of people. Apparently very few tourists know about this path, or maybe they can't find it, so it's quiet and serene and peaceful. Even with a 3-year-old!

We walked along and counted seagulls and kayaks, and Sweet Boy asked about 100 times if he could go down to the rocks to see turtles (there are no turtles, of course, in the crashing North Atlantic surf). Eventually we came to a spot that wasn't so steep, so we climbed down -- after I reminded Sweet Boy of the three major rules: (1) hold Mommy's hand, (2) do what Mommy tells you, and (3) go slowly. The mist made everything slippery, so this probably wasn't terribly responsible parenting, but sometimes you just feel the pull of the ocean, you know?

We played in the rocks for about 10 minutes, just collecting rocks and throwing them back in. We found seashells and emptied-out crab shells, and splashed our hands in the cold, cold water. It was just awesome. And I will never forget the look of sheer joy on Sweet Boy's face, his hair matted down with saltwater and his cheeks chilled red.

We warmed up in town at this cute little internet cafe, which was fully decked out as someone's living room, complete with cushy chairs and books and board games. Mommy sipped a blueberry cobbler coffee, Sweet Boy glugged a chocolate milk, and we shared a gooey coffee cake. What a wonderful day of fun.

the giant jacuzzi tub in my vacation house...ahhh...

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